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Saturday, 2018-11-17
Main » 2011 » September » 20 » Doxing : The Other name For Password Hacking
5:24 PM
Doxing : The Other name For Password Hacking
Doxing is the process of getting information about a person by using the resources on the Internet using other skills. Doxing derived from the word "document" which in the brief that is making "Documents" on a person or company.

There are several ways to obtain personal information online. The most popular method is through a website called Pipl. Pipl allows you to search the full name, email, user name and even a phone number though. So that makes Pipl become a very useful tool for hackers.

Another source hackers can be used is through social networking site Facebook. But most hackers do not use Facebook to search for the name, they just use it to search their email address, since names are often in short or fake.

Doxing main objective is to find the email address of the target. Because, Email basically serves as a passport when registering at a website. There is personal information in it, and if someone has access to the email, they can pretend to be the owner of an online email.

If a hacker can see the accounts up, or he may find a few other bits of personal information using Pipl, he can do what is called the recovery account username and password that is returned by answering some questions that the proposed e-mail provider.

This method is more effective than we imagine, especially for those who rarely update the username and password. Doxers tend to spend a few moments of time on the web for information they can use.

This method can work effectively Doxing purely based on the ability of hackers to recognize the valuable information about the target and use this information to his interests. It is also based on the idea that, "The more you know about your target, the easier it will find shortcomings." Then how do you ensure that you will not be in Doxed?
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