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Thursday, 2018-02-22
Main » 2011 » September » 20 » Make Flash Drive Virus Immune
4:59 PM
Make Flash Drive Virus Immune
lash drive is currently a manual storage media are most effective. So do not be surprised if the flash drive is also a most effective medium for distributing viruses as well. Here's how to flash drives become immune to the virus.

1. Format the flash drive.

2. Create a folder in your flash drive, and give "autorun.inf" Name (without the quotes).

3. Go into the folder you just created and make a notepad document therein. Right click, select NEW> TEXT DOCUMENT. Give any name for the file you just created. This name will we replace with some special characters.

4. Then, we will open Character Map program that is in START> ALL PROGRAMS> ACCESORIES> SYSTEM TOOLS> CHARACTER MAP.

5. Select an existing font like Arial unicode, Unicode or Lucida Sans Unicode. Scroll down until you see the letters of the Japanese, Korean, Chinese, or other strange characters.

6. Select 4 or 5 characters that you want, then click copy.

7. Rename the text file that you created in step 2 above. Right-click on the file, select rename, then press [CTRL] + [V]. The file name was changed. Do not be surprised if later on you will see characters such as boxes or other signs.

8. Change the attributes of a super hidden autorun.inf folder. Open a command prompt, then enter the drive where you saved the flash drive. After that, type attrib + s + h autorun.inf.

The steps above is in the logic underlying that Windows can not read the two files with the same name. Because in our existing flash drive autorun.inf name, another file can not enter, so the virus could not use the name autorun.inf
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The solution is not to wtirdhaw a very useful feature but attack the problem. Autorun is the useful feature. Antivirus stops the rogue misuse of it. If we followed the same logic as applied to autorun, Microsoft should disable the running of programs!

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