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Saturday, 2018-11-17
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400 MILLION facebookers as SPAM Targets
As 400 million Facebooker has become target of spammers. With malicious software designed to steal passwords and other data, spammers is ready to infect Facebook user’s computer. This information is expressed by researchers from McAfee, a computer security specialist company.

"During the last two days, millions of spam messages have been sent and successfully we detected by users running our security software," said Dave Marcus, Director of Security Research and Communication of McAfee.

Marcus said, that spam messages appeared to come from the official Facebook with an email address that seemed too real but is actually false. "Examples such as sender email address is from help@facebook.com," Marcus said.

The message says that the Facebook user's password has been reset, and users need to download the attachment that contains the new password.

"The message in English that look perfect from the side of the grammar, but there is something strange on the cover greetings, namely Thanks, Your Facebook," said Marcus.

According to Marcus, an attachment that is sent is actually a Trojan horse program that will infect the user's computer without any signs visible. According to McAfee, spam will also contain a variety of other malware programs including password theft, fake antivirus programs, or botnet code.

Recommended, users who receive emails from "Facebook" should not have to open the email.
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